I enjoy drawing and reading. If you enjoy these things, too then Drake and His Magical Drawings is the book for you! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!
Janae (Grade 6)
Robert Irish has created fun relatable characters in an original plot line. As a mom, it was a really cute story. My kiddos thought it was super cool. If you are looking for a fun easy read for ages 7 to 10, we recommend you check this one out!
Amie (Mom)
This is a great book and I love everything about it! The dragon really comes to life. I liked the part with the toad on the couch. This book is really well written and I wouldn’t change anything about it.
Jacob (Age 10)
It was written in a way that kids can relate to the actions and dialogue as well as spark curiosity, creativity and problem-solving. It encourages readers to develop their talents and imagine that anything is possible. Well done!
Joan (Grandma)
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