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Drake and His Magical Drawings

Drake Dodger is a sixth-grader who amazes everyone with his drawing abilities. He’s considered the best artist at school. Drake never thought of his drawing as a kind of superpower, but he’s about to find out there’s more to his sketches than just pencil and paper. Join Drake and his best friend, Ricardo as they begin their journey into a magical world of drawing.


Drake and His Magical Drawings: Dark Powers

Join Drake and friends on their next adventure in the world of magical drawings. Drake and his best friend Ricardo finish the sixth grade and have the best summer ever. Drake is still learning what it means to be an Imago. Grace has taken on a new trainee, but things get out of hand as this young Imago is tempted by dark Imago powers. Along with Buddy, his loyal dragon, Drake assembles a team to defend San Francisco from an army of mythical creatures.

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